Hello beautiful people and welcome to Ashley Unexpected! We started in 2010 as a family and children portrait photographer, and over the last 10 years we have tried almost every type of photography known to man, and have honed in on our brand, voice, and specialization.

We are the photographer and photography studio for the Warrior Woman!

The Warrior Woman’s Creed:

  • She lives by the Gold Rule, and knows that just because others have done bad things to her, she doesn’t use this as a pass to do bad things to others
  • She is the light. She sees it through the darkness and is that for others
  • She knows she is worthy of love, even if she hasn’t found it yet
  • She practices and embraces self love, and self care, because she knows she deserves it
  • She loves who she is because she fought hard to become her
  • She is not wounded or broken, she is a fierce, powerful, vulnerable warrior

The Warrior in me, sees the warrior in you!

You may not feel like you are all of those things yet, but I embrace you as you are, and I see you this way. Let my love, and lens help you see what I see, and capture that for all generations to come!

Welcome home Warrior!