The Auntie Diaries

Being an aunt to my niece and nephew is one of the greatest joys of my life. I didn’t know I could love someone they way that I love them. I am definitely learning a lot about parenting through this experience. So if that time ever does come for me I want to thank my brother and sister for diving into the unknown, so I could be better prepared 😉


I mean look at these kids. They have the best time together, it’s the cutest thing! Born exactly one year apart, April 15th is so much more than “tax day” to the Cook’s. We truly believe that it takes a village, so “The Auntie Diaries”, is a peek into the adventures I have with my Izz, and Jackson. I hope that you Aunts out there know that you are a major part of your niece or nephews life. The memories you create with them will help shape who they are, so take this honor seriously, because the impact you can have on them is probably greater than you think it is

13 thoughts on “The Auntie Diaries

  1. YESSSS!! I never realised how amazing being an auntie could be! I was their at my nieces birth and I have never ever felt so so much love for anything than I did holding her in my arms that moment! Im due to be an auntie again in the next few weeks and I cant wait!

    1. Congratulations! It is such a great joy isn’t it?! Well stay tuned bc The Auntie Diaries has a handful of fun things in store!

  2. Your niece and nephew are absolutely beautiful children! I am an only child so I will never get to experience the feeling of being an aunt

    1. Thank you! I am a little biased on these kiddos haha you could definitely be an honorary auntie to a friends kid perhaps 😉

    1. It’s hard when you don’t love close to them. I am so blessed to be just a few hour drive away from each of the kiddos. Thanks for reading and commenting! I appreciate you!

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