Fur Babies- You’re their Aunt too!

“When you’re a Jet you’re a Jet.” And when you’re an Aunt, you’re an Aunt! To fur babies and humans alike!

Here is my good looking fur Nephew Cousteau!

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X O X O,

Auntie Ash

11 thoughts on “Fur Babies- You’re their Aunt too!

  1. That’s a cute fur baby. I just enjoy long walks with these fur babies. It can be a big change for the fur baby, when a human baby comes along.

    1. You are so right! And the parents sometimes feel divided. I think we as the aunts and uncles can help a lot with both a yes, but we should t forget the fur babies

  2. What a beautiful fur baby!! I honestly treat my little fur pup as a baby and make sure my sister treats her like a niece too!

    1. Ah well I appreciate that! My family is very important to me so you can’t leave the fur babies out of it!

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