The Balasek’s

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I love to take family portraits, especially when I have been on a journey with the family. I have had the opportunity to photograph a handful of families before they were families. From engagement, to wedding, to maternity, newborn, and then first family portraits.

Let me introduce you to the Balasek’s. You might recognize this cutie patootie, he’s my nephew Jackson and this is my sister’s family. When I was brainstorming the look of their holiday shoot I was brought back to this one picture of my Brother in law and nephew looking like lumberjacks at the Balasek family cabin. That was my inspiration!

Instead of looking like lumberjacks (hey maybe they do:))  I went for the adventurous family who likes to camp, because hey, they are an adventurous family who likes to camp! I got these super cute “Adventure Begins” mugs from Amazon and pulled the outfits together with existing items in our closets and a few added items (scroll down to get the looks).

The venue was Howarth Park in Santa Rosa, where incidentally is where we had my nephew’s first birthday.  He is all boy and fast as all heck! I giggle a little when people tell me their kids are runners, because in my head I’m thinking, “have you met my nephew?” He’s called “Action Jackson” for a reason!

Jackson, I hope you never loose your sense of adventure, your strong will, and your amazing giggle. Auntie loves you and is stoked to watch you grow and explore! Happy Holidays Balasek’s may all this seasons blessings be showered upon you!

X O X O,


Grab this shoots look (just click pic):

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  1. What gorgeous photos!! You all look gorgeous. I love how it looks all autumnal now and the leaves in the background are lovely

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