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*This is not a sponsored post, however I was compensated for the images. And this post does contain an affiliate link for The Reading Rainbow, but NOT Cari Slings. I do not get commission if you purchase a sling, but I do if you purchase through The Reading Rainbow link.


I used to be a high school teacher and I always told my students that it was extremely important to network. Even as a high school student you never know where opportunities may come from, so it’s important to always be kind, do your best, and have an open heart to what ever comes your way.

For me, networking is how I connect with my clients. I don’t advertise too much but most of my clients are friends and referrals, or people I connect with personally. I always love when a client mentions how they found me! So thank you Traci, an old Academy of Art coworker, who connected me with her sister in law Heidi and Cari Slings.

Even though Sarah, the founder of Cari Slings is in North Carolina, and I am in California, working together was seamless. Those of you who are familiar with the sling company knows that it is inspired by literature, and this particular wrap (to be released soon) was inspired by LeVar Burton and The Reading Rainbow, a popular PBS show I grew up on.

Heidi and I wanted to incorporate Sarah’s literary inspiration along with Heidi’s love for knowledge and decided to shoot at her alma mater UC Davis. Aurora and Heidi looked beautiful, and Sarah’s sling popped in the sun and was very cozy for sweet  Aurora!

This was such a fun shoot to be a part of and I cannot wait to see more wonderful families embrace this stunning sling to keep their children close. Stay tuned to the website for the release of this model!

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22 thoughts on “Cari Slings

  1. What a lovely collection of photos of mother and daughter bond, those are impressive and interesting ideas on how to use your Cari Slings, I would send this to a friend who has a little boy with her, she’s gonna love this ideas!

    1. Yes definitely send it along! If I a able to have children I will totally be a baby wearing mom! and thank you, I hope they cherish these images for years to come!

    1. I don’t have any babies either. I was the photographer, and this is a client who we shot for. I hope to have a baby as adorable as little aurora soon lol

    1. haha I love it! Yes I grew up on The Reading Rainbow myself. It was a fun shoot, and when the sun caught the sling it was incredible. I agree with you, definitely a fashion piece!

  2. I have 2yrs old daughter and I can totally understand how you feel. In fact I wanted to get a photo shoot done which is actually due since her first birthday. Although we do have lot of self clicked photographs but wanted to get something professionally clicked. I guess its high time now and we should go for it. Also all the above pics are amazing you both look amazing together.

    1. I think it is great to have images professionally done. Yes I am a photographer but one of the reasons I became a photographer in the first place was because we didn’t have any pictures growing up. Now that family members have passed, its really sad to not have any images of our loved ones. Go get them done, you won’t regret it!

    1. I just realized how that came out…ouch!!! I meant with lugging the gear you have to carry – not the baby!!! I remember way back what it was like being a new mom and trying to redefine yourself from non parent to parent and it was a little bit of a tough transition for me but nowadays there are so many chic options!!!

      1. Haha I didn’t take it that way. I was just thinking how you have spit up on you 24-7 but with this puppy it holds the baby and hides the spit lol

  3. Wow! That cari sling looks so so interesting. Perfect for moms and to their babies. I will definitely share this into my friend.

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