Debonair Adair

By now most of us know I have an immense love for portraits. There is something about connecting one on one with people and bringing out the best in them that just makes me so excited. I love having the opportunity to work with people to bring their vision to life and to kick up the Style-o-meter.

I know that sometimes people can be a little uncomfortable spending money or time on themselves, but there is nothing wrong with that. I honestly believe we need to take the time to pamper ourselves a little bit.

I wanted to do a styled session of John for quite some time. He has this refinement about him, this gentlemen swagger that is so natural. He is the nicest man you’ve ever met, and I think sometimes he is so good at taking care of those around him, that he doesn’t really take the time to pamper himself. So, that’s where I come in.

For his shoot I wanted to showcase that swagger that is so effortless. I was inspired by GQ, so we went to a friend’s Penthouse in Midtown, Sacramento, I had John bring a few different professional looks and the shoot just seamlessly happened. Success!

Everyone needs a good headshot, but I encourage my clients to take that “typical headshot” and flip it on it’s head, with a professional portrait session!

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