Ravishing Rachel

Rachel and I have been friends since the 4th grade! She’s the Ethel to my Lucy, the Thelma to my Louise, and the Good Witch to my Bad Witch. No, literally I was the Wicked Witch and she, Glenda, in the 8th grade play The Wizard of Oz.

Life has taken us away from our home town, and farther apart, but nothing can break that bond we have. When she was coming home for the Thanksgiving holiday I wanted to make it a trip to remember, because it has been about 1.5 year since we’ve been together.

I reached out to some amazing creative women to put together a glamorous shoot for Rachel and myself to celebrate our sisterhood, all that we have gone through, and where we are right now. And to kick off our 32nd birthdays.

Thank you to Rachelle of Couture Beauty for doing the hair and makeup for us. You are the best in the business and made us feel so fierce, and ready to take on 32! After our “Best Friends” Shoot had wrapped I needed to snap a few of Rachel myself.

I have mad love for this girl, and a mad love for styled shoots! Putting the two together was quite a dream! Thank you again to Rachel for being an amazing soul, and to Rachelle for her incredible talent.

X O X O,


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