Abuse and Healing Together: Warrior Wednesday’s

I come from a long line of strong and determined women. Named after my Great Grandmother, Mary Kathleen Killcoyne, I have always felt a sense of pride in speaking my mind, working hard, and loving as big as I could. Mary Kathleen left Ireland for Ellis Island when she was just about 12 years old, never to see her family again. With her faith in God, she set out to a land unknown.

Her uncle was to pick her up, but he didn’t come. He didn’t come until the last day before little Mary Kathleen would be sent back to Ireland. She made her way out west and worked the fields of the coast to make a living with her husband and 7 children. She worked as a janitor to pay the tuition for Catholic school and that woman never complained of living out of a cardboard box, wearing Coke cans for shoes, or feeling like she didn’t have enough. She had God, a family, and that was more than enough. I got to meet my Great Grandmother, as she lived to be 103. That Irish twinkle in her eye let me know I would be more than alright, if I believed in God, and cherished my family.

So imagine my shame when my life took a few detours along the way. Growing up, I wanted to find a love as strong as my parents, but I looked for it in all the wrong places. Wrong places that brought a slew of abusive relationships, sexually, physically, mentally, and emotionally. Through it all, my family never left my side. However, I was so ashamed of my choices, my lack of what I perceived to be, strength, that I hid my first abuse for 7 years.

I am not a licensed therapist, have any crazy certifications, nor am I a wise old owl, but I am a woman who strongly believes, that when positive people come together, there isn’t anything we can’t do. Many years ago, (about 8) I used to upload videos to my Facebook page discussing topics that we as women would face and have an open discussion on how to overcome these challenges. I stopped doing that because I was in a relationship that didn’t like me having such a strong opinion. Though I got support from my family, friends, and followers, my relationship (and his circle of people) liked me to “look pretty, and stand next to” him. Out of respect (insert eye roll) I stopped doing videos, and I tried my best to fit in the mold that his circle wanted me to fit into.

Well, that didn’t last now did it?!

Through the challenges I have faced I feel a strong calling to support people, and shed light on abuse. I love the quote “Darkness cannot drive out darkness, only light can do that” by Martin Luther King Jr, because it’s true. I protected the people who abused me, and I hurt myself through keeping the abuse in the dark. With it being a secret I couldn’t get help, I lived through Hell alone, and I don’t want that for anyone!

With all of that being said, I am so happy to announce that I will be airing my first episode of my new Facebook LIVE Show “Warrior Wednesdays” this Wednesday June 6, 2018! It is a space for support, community, and lessons learned through overcoming some of life’s most difficult situations.  I am not a professional, I am not perfect, but I do have a voice, I am strong, so I might as well do my best to shed light on something that affects so many people.

Together we can overcome anything and take our power back. I hope that you tune in and join the conversation.

X O X O,


2 thoughts on “Abuse and Healing Together: Warrior Wednesday’s

  1. You are amazing Ashley! Can’t wait to see how you blossom through this new path, all while helping others!

    1. I don’t know how amazing lol but I’ve had 18 years of reflection and mulling over how to handle all of this and now I’m at a point where I feel like I should support others. Thank you for everything my dear!

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