Oubre Family- The fastest photoshoot in the History of Ashley Unexpected

I am so happy that my family made time to stop in my beloved Sacramento, on their way from Reno to Santa Rosa on their quick Road trip. Having two little ones make the trek from Texas, to Cali, from Reno to Santa Rosa is not an easy task, but the Oubre family successfully did just that!

Many people see Sacramento as the pit stop on the way to Tahoe. A place to use the restroom, to fill up with gas, stretch your legs, and potentially grab a bite to eat. All of the above are legitimate reasons to stop in Sac. But there are so many more reasons to stay and enjoy this vibrant city. And hopefully one day I can convince them to stay longer, and I will make my family fall in love with Sacramento like I have, one cousin at a time (I successfully converted the Harrower’s AND the Balasek’s).

On the 100+ degree day I had them meet me at Gunther’s Ice Cream Shop right off the freeway for a cold refreshing treat and a lightning fast photoshoot. Last time I saw my cousin Chrissy she didn’t even have her youngest Eli, and Ollie was just about 6 months old. A lot had changed since then so I wanted to commemorate their visit to Sacramento. And strategically planning around the traffic from Reno to Santa Rosa, this was a quick one! It is officially the fastest photoshoot in the history of Ashley Unexpected!

I hope you enjoyed your Ice Cream Pitstop, and I am so glad you made the time and plan to come visit me! Love you all!

X O X O,


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