Warrior Wednesday’s Episodes 1- 6

Well ladies and gentlemen, that happened! The Facebook Live Series Warrior Wednessday’s has been launched! Episodes 1 through 6 are in the books!

In case you missed the past discussions please find them here!

Episode 1: Self-Care and Self-Love

Episode 3: Comparison: Why do we do it?

Episode 4: The Imperfect Woman Campaign

Episode 5: Pursuing your Passion with Shaun Samuels

Episode 6: Asking for Help: How Doing so Could Change your Life

Comment below any takeaways or questions you may have! It’s a discussion and we all have something to learn from one another! And be sure to tune into next week’s episode where Shaun and I will share our first episode as Cohosts! We can’t wait to have you join the discussion!

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