Becoming the Santino’s

I am going to start off by saying, I have no personal experience in having a blended family. You hear stories, I have friends who have done it, and I rarely here how great it is. Then I met to Soon-to-Be Santino’s and I SAW it! I almost cried during this session seeing the love between each and every one of them.

From the beginning I was trying to figure out the family dynamic, because as a photographer you want to capture love, and connection, but you also don’t want it to be fabricated. You want it to be honest, raw, and positive. I asked “So are we a cuddly family”? Little Ellie turned towards me, with a huge smile, and secretly, in semi-slow motion brought her hand up to her chest with a huge “thumbs up”. That was the first laugh of many on our shoot.

Barbara is stunning, with a heart of gold, and working with her to set up this shoot was so smooth. She trusted me from the beginning and I will say that makes such a big difference in how the shoot will go. She was referred to me by Brittney and from the moment we connected it was great. I inquired about wardrobe, because let’s face it, it’s a HUGE part of your shoot, and she had it handled. She is going to be the BEST BONUS Mom EVER! The love she has for Ellie and Aiden warmed my heart. And the most beautiful thing about it, is they love her back equally as much. The photos speak for themselves don’t they?

I am going to drop a truth bomb… not all Dad’s are publicly affectionate, or excited for a stranger to take their photo, or vulnerable enough for a stranger to position them and guide them through facial expressions. That’s just a fact. But universe can you bring me all the dad’s like Justin? The way he led his family through the shoot by his example was awesome to watch.

I met the Santino’s on the day of their shoot. They were referred by someone they trusted, and they trusted me. Barbara, Justin, Aiden, and Ellie oozed love, trust, and vulnerability. They didn’t have any walls I needed to break through, they came ready, and excited. Once the shoot wrapped Miss Ellie decided she needed to be the photographer and she guided the rest of us through facial expressions and poses “be silly”, “act dead” (no clue where she got that one haha). We walked back to the car, hugs were given and we went our separate ways. I’ve spoken to Barbara every day since then.

Santino’s THANK YOU! Thank you for your business, your trust, and your friendship. You are creating an incredible family! I wish you nothing but the absolute best, because you deserve nothing less!

X O X O,



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