Self-Love: Coffee in Bed

I was laying in bed, drinking coffee, when I decided I would dedicate February to the topic of Self-Love. I started thinking of the different ways I rejuvenate myself and many of the ones I thought of were clique. And then I laughed, because here I was, brainstorming my passions as I was doing the ONE thing I do everyday, enjoying coffee in bed.

I am very spoiled, as my partner brings me a coffee every morning! We have a sweet Nespresso so a delicious cup of coffee is always a good idea in our house. I started asking myself why is this tradition so special to me?

  1. I never asked John to make me coffee in bed. One day turned into two, into a month, into a year. Every morning I get a reminder that I am one of the first things he thinks of.
  2. I have an opportunity to wake up, and have “appreciation” be the first emotion I feel. And that is an amazing gift.
  3. I get to game plan my day, with the sun coming through the window, with a delicious coffee, and silence. What person wouldn’t enjoy that?
  4. I get to take reflect on what my life looks like today. I have an amazing home, with an incredible bed!

Not too long ago, I would start my night time routine by ensuring my 1950’s gas stove was off, make sure I couldn’t smell any leaks, I would double check my door, making sure all locks, deadbolts, and chains were locked, and put a chair up against the door. Then I would grab my dowels and put it in my windows, so no one could climb in as I was sleeping. I’d grab my blankets, grab my pillow and fall asleep on the floor of my damp, cold, and not so safe Berkley studio apartment. I used to not have a bed. I used to be afraid to fall asleep. Though, many days, that seems like a lifetime ago, other days I remember those hardwood floors, the doorknob, and how it felt in my hand like it was yesterday.

This routine has brought me so much happiness and appreciation. I know it may sound silly to some, but to me, drinking a coffee in bed might be the single most important part of my day!

X O X O,


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