Self-Love: Girlfriends Needed!!!

Sometimes the only thing that can help a girl out, is her girlfriends. We all need someone to talk to! Someone we can bare our souls to and not be judged for whatever crazy mess we’ve gotten our selves into, or help us get out of whatever funk we might be in. Even as a 33 year old woman, (who no longer gets into crazy situations) I still need my girls. I still need to bounce my crazy ideas off of someone who will say “go for it”.

As someone who moved a lot, my girlfriends don’t live near me anymore, so those Facetime calls are EVERYTHING! But, when we get the chance to all get together, there is something that just rejuvenates and cleanses my soul!

There is no one who knows you like your gal pals (or your dudes, basically I’m talking about your tried and true, down to the bone tribe). There is sure to be laughter, and I truly believe that is the worlds BEST medicine! So when you’re in a funk, when you’re bored, when you feel like your cup isn’t full, or you need some spice in your life, allow me to suggest a girls night in, or out! There is something to be said for getting gussied up and hitting the town, but also something really great about a bottle of wine (or a few bottles of wine, because let’s be honest), and delivery!

You may be like me and sometimes forget you have so many kick ass girlfriends. Let’s face is, we are way too busy adulting. If you just read that and said “girl I hear you”, then this is the sign you need. Grab that phone, call (or text because let’s be real), and plan a night out with your friends. You need this. You deserve this!

X O X O,


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