Boudoir: It’s really for YOU!

There are two types of shoots that women are hesitant to take. One is maternity, and two is Boudoir. Both, I wish people would jump at the chance to do, because they are both so very special.

I understand completely why people have apprehensions about getting dolled up, dressed down, and posing in front of a photographer. I used to have major body dysmorphia and the thought of someone looking at me, in next to nothing, would have been terrifying.

The older I get, and the softer my body gets, the more I think it is important to capture us as we are. Will I ever think my body is perfect? Absolutely not. Will I ever feel confident in a bikini, yeah, probably not. But, when I am 40, 50, 60, or 70, will I want to remember what I looked like, and how fearless I was? ABSOLUTELY!

Don’t let fear hold you back. Find a photographer you like, get to know them, and allow yourself to be pampered for a few hours! The experience will be worth it, and the photos you get will be just the cherry on top!

You deserve to feel incredible, and I’d love to answer any questions you may have about the boudoir experience that I provide. It will be the funnest shoot you have ever experienced! I promise!

X O X O,


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