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I used to be a high school teacher and I always told my students that it was extremely important to network. Even as a high school student you never know where opportunities may come from, so it’s important to always be kind, do your best, and have an open heart to what ever comes your way.

For me, networking is how I connect with my clients. I don’t advertise too much but most of my clients are friends and referrals, or people I connect with personally. I always love when a client mentions how they found me! So thank you Traci, an old Academy of Art coworker, who connected me with her sister in law Heidi and Cari Slings.

Even though Sarah, the founder of Cari Slings is in North Carolina, and I am in California, working together was seamless. Those of you who are familiar with the sling company knows that it is inspired by literature, and this particular wrap (to be released soon) was inspired by LeVar Burton and The Reading Rainbow, a popular PBS show I grew up on.

Heidi and I wanted to incorporate Sarah’s literary inspiration along with Heidi’s love for knowledge and decided to shoot at her alma mater UC Davis. Aurora and Heidi looked beautiful, and Sarah’s sling popped in the sun and was very cozy for sweet  Aurora!

This was such a fun shoot to be a part of and I cannot wait to see more wonderful families embrace this stunning sling to keep their children close. Stay tuned to the website for the release of this model!

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DIY Car Airconditioning for your Infant

I went and saw my sister, Alena the other weekend to hang out with her and my nephew Jackson. He is sleep training right now, so all hands on deck is always a good idea. I had InstaStoried her car, because it looked out of this world. Literally, it looks like a robot or a spaceship.

My nephew is rear facing and gets so hot in the car! My sister’s car doesn’t have the capability to put any air vents in his direction that his safety is a major concern. Knowing how dangerous this is my sister took action. I ended up doing a DIY tutorial with my sister, which you can watch in the video below.

“When temperatures outside range from 80 degrees to 100 degrees, the temperature inside a car parked in direct sunlight can quickly climb to between 130 to 172.”

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

​I truly hope that if you have a little one, or know someone that does, please sit in the back seat with that child to see if the air flow is sufficient. If it is not, I encourage you to take action, like my sister did to ensure the safety of your little one.

I have provided a list of  the materials that we mentioned in the DIY video for your convenience and also to the premade air-conditioning system The Noggle.

The Items: Air Duct tubing, scissors, duct tape, hole puncher, and zip-ties. Or you can purchase The Noggle, or the Noggle Bundle here:
The Noggle
The Noggle Bundle

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