Professional Portraits


Everyone needs a headshot. Whether you are a CEO, a barista, or someone on the job hunt, a good headshot can open the door to a conversation. It invites people to get to know you with just one look. So what do you want to say? The traditional headshot is no more. Welcome to the new way to showcase you and what you do, welcome to Professional Portraits.

Professional Portraits are not cookie cutter images. They are a custom, styled shoot, they convey who you are, where you are going, and what you want to say. No more arms folded, leaning against a brick wall, or standing in the alley behind your office.

Are you a Developer? Let’s shoot at a finished project. Not only will we highlight you, but also what you’ve done. Are you a tech guy who loves midtown living? Let’s shoot in your high-rise and grab a coffee at your favorite shop. Or are you on the job hunt? Let’s shoot a profile piece and showcase what you are looking for and what you have to offer.

Professional Portrait sessions are about an hour, on location of our mutual choosing, 2 different outfits, yields 20 high resolution, fully edited digital images, online gallery, print release, and will be ready for you in a week from the shoot date.