Caitlin~ A Goddess, Inside and Out!

Referrals are THE BEST! Most of my photography clients have either grown up with me, or are a referral. When it comes to Glamour and Boudoir sessions a referral can go a long way, however, many times more research is needed. I mean, you are going to be going to someone’s studio, spending time getting your hair and make up done, then shooting, so if you don’t vibe, that can be 2-3 hrs of uncomfortableness.

As I get older I know that I can vibe on some level with just about anyone, especially if they trust me to do a shoot with them. On the same note, it’s a little rare that I am so connected to someone that it feels like I’ve known them my whole life, and I am laughing, more than I am pressing that shutter button.

Well, let me introduce you to the angelic and hilarious Caitlin! She was referred to me from my best referral source, Kristin, and within 24 hrs, Caitlin was booked, with a signed contract and the retainer fee paid. I mean, favorite type of client right there! Am I right?

As soon as Caitlin and her girlfriend Amanda stepped out of the car I knew I was in for a fun day. From picking outfits, to chatting as I did Caitlin’s hair, these girls were my type of girls! Fun, open, supportive, hilarious, driven, educated, and trusting. Getting ready and shooting lasted for a total of about 2.5 hrs, but I think we all hung out for about 4, just because we were having so much fun!


So thank you Kristin, for sending Caitlin my way. Not only did we have a great time during the shoot, but we became fast friends. And as the story continues, thank you Caitlin for sending Jenna my way 😉 Stay tuned for that session!

X O X O,



How to pack for a 5 day Vacay!

Sometimes vacations take a lot of planning, other times, your friend mentions she’s leaving town, so you should stay at her place in Venice Beach for an extended Labor Day weekend. The answer is YES! I’ll do that!

Since this wasn’t a planned or budgeted vacation I was not about to make this more complicated than needed, so checking bags??? Yeah, that’s a big fat NOPE! I was going to pack everything I needed in my one carry on for this impromptu vacation.

*There will be affiliate links throughout this post, so if you wish to do a little shopping to snag some goodies I might make a commission on your purchase, but there is absolutely no added cost to you!

Travel day outfit!- Nike, Vince, and Zella

A few tips I keep in mind for when I travel, is to stay in the same color palette. This way, you can create a handful of outfits, with just a few items.

Travel outfitNike shoes,Vince Tank, Vince Tee, and Yoga Pants. Call me weird, but when traveling I cannot wear shorts. I have no clue the cleanliness of those plane seats.

We almost always go hiking, go to a nice dinner, and go to the beach, so what does this mean? I need to pack a lot of shoes. To do this I need to make room in the suit case! One side of the carry on for clothes, and the other for shoes! I fold my lighter clothes in the middle of my darker clothes so they don’t get dirty by anything!

Active wear- Adidas Sports bra,Purple Tank,Puma No-Show Socks (so comfy),Brooks Adrenaline GTS Shoes (Really helpful with my alignment and bad knees), Black yoga pants, and Long Sleeve.

Rompers and Jumpers will make packing light a breeze! Bringing a big tote for your Purse is also key to maximizing your packing power! (RomperSandalsToteAlta Fitbit) I like the Alta because it is slim, and you can change the bands to it fits your outfit! We walked so much!

As you can see, I am a fan of Rompers, a neutral palette, having enough space to bring multiple shoes (striped ones are Dr. Scholl’s if you can believe it), and my G-Star Raw Sunnies.

So a recap- Be prepared for any adventure! Pack your light colored clothes in the middle of your darker ones so they don’t get marked up by accident, bring clothes of the same color scheme for easy outfit making, bring rompers or jumpsuits, and bring a tote for your purse.

What is your tried and true packing tip?

X O X O,